Waipiata has closed for future bookings.

We built Waipiata, opening in November 2005, and over the past ten years have hosted the many wonderful, extraordinary guests from all over the globe who have chosen to stay at Waipiata.

It was not an easy path to achieve a 5-star rating from the very first year we were evaluated and then to receive the Enviro Gold award from the year it started, the first Enviro Gold award made in this area north of Auckland, but the guests who enthusiastically embraced our views on sustainability made it worth while.

We thank our guests, our suppliers and our close knit supportive community for helping us make this wonderful journey.

Your hosts

The owners, Ross and Natalie Aitken after years of city life here and in Australia, returned to a rural lifestyle and built here on the coast close enough to foray into the city when there was need.

5th generation New Zealanders with past careers in the corporate world, Ross was a senior executive with a bank of New Zealand and Australia. He holds board directorships and is the Chairman of the Auckland Conservation Board.  He is voluntary mentor for Business Mentors New Zealand.

Natalie was Investment Manager for the Government Superannuation Fund in Wellington before joining Ross in Sydney.

Over the years they have travelled extensively throughout many parts of the world and also New Zealand. They are passionate about New Zealand with Ross brought up in various parts of the South Island and Natalie in many small communities scattered throughout Northland. They continue to travel every year to different parts of the globe and have many places in the world still to see and parts of New Zealand still to re-explore.

While travelling in North Auckland they stumbled upon Pukapuka, discovering a large coastal paddock, some fat steers and beautiful native trees and so decided to settle, build and offer guests a memorable experience of seclusion and comfort in one of New Zealand’s most beautifully designed homes.

One of New Zealand’s most visionary architects, Noel Lane, captured the concept and Noel’s vision and Ross’s and Natalie’s commitment and courage created Waipiata. Waipiata was judged Residential Home of the Year by the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

Purpose designed to host guests, the owners and their border collie, Zorro, (Chef de Mission), opened Waipiata at certain times of the year as an exclusive bed and breakfast providing luxury accommodation for overseas visitors with the Pavilion available at most times for private, luxury accommodation.

Ross enjoyed landscaping and maintaining the 2.2 hectare property, building the boardwalks, extending the organic practices and conservation areas. Natalie enjoyed a passion for the works of  New Zealand artists, and also, a chef at an early stage of her working life, the food prepared and served at Waipiata.