Waipiata is about New Zealand luxury accommodation that is both enriching and responsible

It is possible to develop a better place to live and visit without compromising luxury

By protecting our fragile environment and working to conserve our native plants and wildlife we are creating positive environmental, cultural and local economic benefits


Waipiata has been awarded Enviro-Gold for exceeding the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility.

Sustainability is a long journey however step by step, treading lightly on the land, we are making progress and we will continue to do so. We believe we are all guardians, not owners, of the land and we are committed to leave Waipiata and its environs in a better state for future generations.

Conservation: We have planted thousands of native plants to ensure a better habitat and a better environment while protecting what is already there. Our first action after purchasing the land was to remove grazing stock then plant hundreds of kauri, puriri, kowhai and pohutukawa trees and thousands of native flaxes, grasses and other native plants. Our focus is to provide a natural environment where plants and birds thrive and to protect the foreshore and harbour surrounding Waipiata. We have introduced predator control around Waipiata and also on the wider farmland, protecting native trees and wildlife that have no defences against imported predators such as possum, rats, mice, stoats and rabbits. Already the increase in wildlife food sources and the native birds is wonderful and has surpassed our expectations.

Waipiata’s gardens and orchards are all maintained following organic practices. Excess produce is given to neighbours and community organisations.

Water conservation: Collection of rainwater to three underground tanks resulting in beautiful pure water with no chemicals.

Waste and water: An advanced waste system using a natural biological treatment which collects and purifies waste which is then trickled as potable water back to the land.

Waste management: We generate minimal landfill waste with remaining waste recycled through composting and a worm farm and recycling station.

Energy efficiency: Passive solar heating is optimised. Sensor lighting installed inside and out.

Community activities: We are members and supporters of:

  • Tossi, a non profit group formed to support New Zealand’s first integrated open sanctuary at Tawharanui Peninsular
  • Hauturu (Little Barrier Island) Supporters Trust. Hauturu has been a sanctuary since 1895.
  • Friends of the Mahurangi, formed in 1974 to safeguard the health and beauty of the Mahurangi River and Harbour waters.
  • We have a vibrant local community. Natalie is on the committee of a society set up to restore and protect an historic school building which is now the heart of our community.
  • We are organisers for an annual walking weekend in the wider area, organising walks across private land for up to 300 walkers.
  • Ross is Chairman of the Auckland Conservation Board, an independent body, established by statute, to both represent the public interest in the work of the Department of Conservation, and conservation in general, and to advise the Department and the New Zealand Conservation Authority.